Effects of Supportive-Educative Program on Teenage Mothers’ Care Behavior for Premature Infants

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Wassamon Paprom
Somsamorn Reangwaraboon
Sompong Pamulila
Nutcharat Mangklakeree
Marasri Sirisawat


The quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effects of supportive-educative program on The quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effects of supportive-educative program onteenage mothers’ care behavior for premature infants. The samples consisted of 50 teenage mothers that were divided equally into two groups (experimental and control groups). The samples were purposively selected based on the inclusion criteria. The samples were trained with the supportive-educative program, including 1) teaching through YouTube and handbook, 2) guiding for being aware of care, 3) supporting and ensuring the continuity of care, and 4) providing demonstration and return demonstration and arranging environment for premature infants such as kangaroo and nest and hand to mouth postures. The control group received regular nursing care. The data collection tool was the questionnaire on the care behavior of teenage mothers for premature infants based on Orem’s conceptual framework. Data were analyzed by Independent t-test andPaired t-test. 

The results were as follows. 1) After the experiment, the mean score of teenage mothers’ carebehavior in the experimental group was statistically significant higher than that of the control group at .05level. 2) After the experiment, the mean score of teenage mothers’ care behavior in the experimental groupwas statistically significant higher than that of before the experiment at .05 level.

This supportive – educative program helps teenage mothers learn and have behavior in preterm infantcare. As a result, premature infants continue to grow and have good development.


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Paprom, W., Reangwaraboon, S., Pamulila, S., Mangklakeree, N., & Sirisawat, M. (2019). Effects of Supportive-Educative Program on Teenage Mothers’ Care Behavior for Premature Infants. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 39(4), 85–95. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nur-psu/article/view/233340
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