Effects of the Integration of Nursing Care and Reiki Energy Healing Program on Anxiety and Physiological Changes in Children With Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy

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Papattanan Tharapornphiwat
Busakorn Punthmatharith
Thirachit Chotsampuncharean


     This quasi-experimental study aimed to determine the effects of the integration of nursing care and Reiki energy healing program on anxiety and physiological changes in children with cancer in two tertiary hospitals, Southern of Thailand. Purposive sampling was used to select sample into a control group (n = 20) received the usual nursing care, and an experimental group (n = 20) received the usual nursing care and the integration of nursing care and Reiki energy healing program. The instruments consisted of 1) The Integration of Nursing Care and Reiki Energy Healing Program, 2) The Demographic Data Questionnaire, 3) The Visual Analogue Anxiety Scale, and 4) The Physiological Changes Record Form. The content validity was validated by three experts. Reliability was tested by test-retest, yielding Pearson correlation coefficients of the Visual Analogue Anxiety Scale, the Pulse Record Form, the Systolic Blood Pressure Record Form, and the Diastolic Blood Pressure Record Form of .95, .91, .90, and .87, respectively. Data were analyzed using Chi-square and T-test.
    The results showed that after the experimental group participated in the program, the mean score of anxiety was significantly lower than those of before participating in the program (t = 9.88, p < .001) and the means of physiological changes, including pulse (t = 8.93, p < .001), systolic blood pressure (t = 8.13, p < .001), and diastolic blood pressure (t = 6.77, p < .001) were significantly lower within normal ranges than those of before participating in the program. After participating in the program, the mean score of anxiety in the experimental group was significantly lower than that of the control group (t = 6.32, p < .001) and the means of physiological changes including pulse (t = 3.31, p < .01), systolic blood pressure (t = 2.61, p < .01) and diastolic blood pressure (t = 3.03, p < .01) were significantly lower within normal ranges than those of the control group. Thus, nurses should support the use of the program as an alternative way in promoting health of children with cancer.


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Tharapornphiwat, P., Punthmatharith, B., & Chotsampuncharean, T. (2020). Effects of the Integration of Nursing Care and Reiki Energy Healing Program on Anxiety and Physiological Changes in Children With Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 40(3), 66–81. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nur-psu/article/view/246183
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