The Spiritual Care Needs of Muslim Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

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Thipprapa Lamun
Prapaporn Chukumnerd
Pratyanan Thiangchanya


Objective: This descriptive qualitative research aimed to study the spiritual care needs of Muslim cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Methods: This research used an interview to collect the data. The key informants were twenty Islamic cancer patients who were treated with chemotherapy in a tertiary hospital in the South of Thailand. They were purposively selected. The tools consisted of two parts 1) a general information questionnaire and 2) a semi-structured interview questionnaire on the spiritual care needs of Muslim cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The tools were validated by three experts and were revised in accordance with the experts’ suggestions. The interview questions were tested with 2 informants prior to be used with the research sample. The personal information of the sample data was analyzed by frequency and percentage. The in-depth interview information was analyzed by using content analysis. Results: The spiritual care needs of Muslim cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were identified in four aspects: 1) need for encouragement and participation in caring from relatives, 2) need for care with understanding from medical personnel, 3) need to do with hope, and 4) need for supporting of activities based on beliefs and religions. Conclusions: The results of this research provide information for nursing administrators to improve the quality of nursing services in the spiritual dimension, plan for development of nursing personnel, and develop a model of nursing service in Muslim cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.


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Lamun, T. ., Chukumnerd, P. ., & Thiangchanya, P. (2023). The Spiritual Care Needs of Muslim Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 43(2), 16–28. Retrieved from
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