Journal Title

Name in Thai: วารสารศูนย์การศึกษาแพทยศาสตร์คลินิก โรงพยาบาลพระปกเกล้า
English name: The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center
English abbreviation: JMPC
Abbreviation name: J Prapokklao Hosp Clin Med Educat Center



ISSN 0857-0914 (Print)
ISSN 2651-169X (Online)


Journal History

          The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center was established with the primary purpose of disseminating information and fostering advancements in the fields of medicine and public health. The inaugural volume of the journal was published in 1984 with support from Asian TJD Enterprise Co., Ltd. Subsequently, it received backing from various pharmaceutical companies for journal production until 2007. From that point onward, ongoing support has been provided by the Phrapokklao Hospital Foundation, up to the present day.


Aims and Scope of the Journal

          The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center aims to publish articles in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Health Sciences, Science and Technology, and related disciplines. The types of articles published encompass research articles, case reports, literature review, special articles, surgical technique, and those of interest in the realms of medicine and public health.

          The original article, case reports, or research involving human subjects must receive approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee. Additionally, a copy of the certificate issued by the Human Research Ethics Committee must be attached. Only after obtaining this approval will the submission be eligible for consideration for publication in The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center.


Type of Article

1. Original article
2. Case report
3. Literature review
4. Special article
5. Surgical techniques
6. Articles of interest in medicine and public health cover a wide range, incorporating academic pieces and other engaging content across the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, public health, health sciences, science and technology, as well as related disciplines.


Publication Frequency

          The journal follows a scheduled release, issuing four publications annually, each spaced three months apart:

          Issue 1: January-March

          Issue 2: April-June

          Issue 3: July-September

          Issue 4: October-December

          The journal welcomes submissions in both Thai and English. Each issue typically includes 10-15 published articles, contributing to a diverse and comprehensive body of knowledge.


Peer Review Process

          All articles, including research articles and case reports, undergo a thorough review process involving a minimum of 2-3 experts. The double-blind review ensures that the person submitting the article and the reviewing expert are unaware of each other's identities. For articles authored by individuals within the institution, scrutiny is conducted by external individuals or editors. It is crucial that articles submitted for publication have not been previously published or are currently under consideration by another journal.



          Beginning in 2020, the expenses associated with publishing articles in The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center are as follows:

  1. Internal personnel 2,500 baht
  2. External personnel 5,000 baht (with two qualified persons for consideration)                                                                                         6,000 baht (if the author requests three experts for consideration)

          These fees cover the cost of evaluating the quality of articles. Payment is collected once the article successfully passes the evaluation and editing processes, ensuring it reaches a sufficient standard for publication in the journal.

          In the event that an author decides to withdraw an article currently under consideration by experts, there is an associated administrative fee of 2,500 baht. This fee is applicable to cover administrative costs incurred during the evaluation process.