References Format

          The journal instructs authors to use the citation format recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Please adhere to the citation style outlined in the Samples of Formatted References for Authors of Journal Articles provided by the National Library of Medicine. Number the references sequentially as cited, abbreviate journal names following Index Medicus, and use English language for all references.



1. Journal
          Vega KJ, Pina I, Krevsky B. Heart transplantation is associated with an increased risk for pancreatobiliary disease. Ann Intern Med 1996;124:980-3.
2. For a journal article with more than 6 authors, include the names of all 6 authors and add "et al." The volume number of the journal is omitted as the page numbers provide the sequence.
          2.1 Parkin DM, Clayton D, Black RJ, Masuyer E, Friedl HP, Ivanov E, et al. Childhood leukaemia in Europe after Chernobyl: 5 year follow-up. Br J Cancer 1996;73:1006-12.
          2.2 In cases where the pages are not numbered sequentially, please include the issue number (number) of the journal.
3. For journals with multiple authors, the volume number of the journal is not included because the page numbers are already in sequential order.
          The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. Clinical exercise stress testing. Safety and performance guidelines. Med J Aust 1996;164:282-4.
4. In the case of a book with one author or editor.
          4.1 Mason J. Concepts in dental public health. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Winkins, 2005.
          4.2 Mason J, editor. Clinical of medicine. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Winkins, 2006.
5. In the case of a book with an editor and 2-6 authors.
          5.1 Miles DA, Van Dis ML, Williamson GF, Jensen CW. Radiographic imaging for the dental team. 4th ed. St. Louis: Saunders Elsevier, 2009.
          5.2 Mason J, John S, Smith H, editor. Clinical of medicine. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Winkins, 2006.
6. For a book with more than six authors/editors.
          Fauci AS, Braunwald E, Kasper DL, Hauser SL, Longo DL, Jameson JL, et al., editors. Harrison’s principles of internal medicine. 17th ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 2008.
7. For a book where the authors are a group or part of an organization.
          Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Dental hygiene: definition and scope. Ottawa: Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, 1995.
8. For reference from any chapter in the book.
          Alexander RG. Considerations in creating a beautiful smile. In: Romano R, editor. The art of the smile. London: Quintessence Publishing, 2005. p.187-210.
9. E-book
          Irfan A. Protocols for predictable aesthetic dental restorations [Internet]. Oxford: Blackwell Munksgaard, 2006 [cited 2009 May 21]. Available from Netlibrary:
10. Website with Author
          Fehrenbach MJ. Dental hygiene education [Internet]. [Place unknown]: Fehrenbach and Associates; 2000 [updated 2009 May 2, cited 2009 Jun 15]. Available from:
11. Website without Author
          11.1 American Dental Hygienists Association [Internet]. 2009 [Cited 2009 May 30]. Available from: / article within a website
          11.2 Medline Plus [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): U.S. National Library of Medicine; c2009. Dental health; 2009 May 06 [cited 2009 Jun 16]; [about 7 screens]. Available from:
12. Dissertations and Theses
          Suthitham P. Effect of an Empowerment Program for Village Health Volunteers on the Caregiving ability perception for the elderly with chronic diseases in the community. [Dissertation]. Chantaburi: Burapha University; 2011.
13. Conference proceedings
          Kimura J, Shibasaki H, editors. Recent advances in clinical neurophysiology. Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of EMG and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1995 Oct 15-19; Kyoto, Japan Amsterdam: Elsevier; 1996.
14. Conference paper
          14.1 Bengtsson S, Solheim BG. Enforcement of data protection, privacy and security in medical informatics. In: Lun KC, Degoulet P, Piemme TE, Rienhoff O, editors. MEDINFO 9
          14.2 Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Medical Informatics; 1992 Sep 6-10; Geneva, Switzerland. Amsterdam: North-Holland; 1992. p. 1561-5.