Nursing Roles to Help Individuals Who Have a Psychological Crisis

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Thanapol Bundasak
Kanok-on Chaowiang
Soontaree Sittisongkram
Phakatip Poysungnoen


                   A psychological Crisis is the loss of the psychological balance of an individual that leads to an inability to manage the problems encountered in life. This type of crisis results in changes in the physical, mental, emotional and social states of the individual. The mechanism of a psychological crisis includes three phases, the pre-crisis, the crisis, and the post-crisis periods. Individuals who cannot adapt themselves to a crisis situation will have negative responses such as stress, anxiety and other reactions. These responses can influence the reduction of the perceptions of the individual, resulting in failure to deal with the crisis situation. The individual thus experiences more psychological suffering, which leads them to develop psychological problems, such as acute stress disorder (ASD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression. Nurses play an important role in helping and providing psychological support to these individuals in order to enhance the capability of each person to manage a psychological crisis. This article focuses on reviewing the contents of psychological crises and the nursing roles that help individuals who face psychological problems with the aim of developing a set of guidelines for them and enabling them to have the strength and capability for happiness in their daily life.


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บทความฟื้นวิชา (Review Article)


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