Management of Official Construction Work under The Government Procurement Act of 2017 for Chiangrai Prachanukhroh Hospital Officers

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Kirdsana Kaeohlodhun


Background: This research was conducted to produce a management model for the administration and management of official construction work as per the Government Procurement Act. Due to the difficulties and complexity of procurement work, responsible officers must possess good knowledge, understanding and skills pertaining to the working procedures for precision, rapidity and effectiveness.

Objectives: To study the operation of officers for construction procurement according to the Government Procurement Act and their satisfaction towards the manual for construction management.

Materials and method: The descriptive research method was used to compile relevant knowledge for the production of the construction management model, which was tried out by the officers. The sample group comprised 115 relevant officers. The research instrument used was the questionnaire. Data analysis was based on the statistics showing frequency, percentages, standard deviations and t-test scores.

Results:  The study conducted with 115 construction management officers reveals the following problems: The Act, which was new to the officers, caused risks and errors of work (92.2%). A lot of difficulties were caused by the great number of documents involved (87.3%). No clarification had been made in terms of consultancy for the procurement problems (86.9%). There were many appointed committees resulting in complicated implementation steps (86.9%). However, these problems were reduced after the manual was made and used (to 44.4%, 54.7%, 36.5%, and 31.3% respectively). The effectiveness of implementation following the Act was at a moderate level before the manual was used and increased significantly after its use (p-value). Officers now have knowledge and understanding (t=17.3, p < 0.001), are able to manage the work (t = 24.8, p < 0.001), can follow all of the steps required (t =25.6, p < 0.001), and the operations are quick and completed in time (t =21.9, p < 0.001). The satisfaction towards the manual was found at a high degree, especially the overall attitudes towards the model (x̄ = 3.9, SD = 0.6) and its practicality (x̄ = 3.9, SD = 0.7).  

Conclusion: The manual for management of construction work according to the Government Procurement Act of 2017 can be used effectively, and will lessen difficulties and tardiness from lack of understanding of officers in charge. 


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