Quality of Life after Total Knee Replacement Surgery of Elderly People at Bangplee Hospital Samut Prakan Province

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Background: Osteoarthritis is a common condition among the elderly. This tendency is on the rise given the increasing elderly population. At present, Thailand has more than 6 million patients. In the year 2019, the elderly population of Samut Prakan Province numbered 163,560 people. It was found that 3,468 of these people were experiencing osteoarthritis. In the Bangplee District of Samut Prakan Province there are 21,601 elderly people and 479 of them have osteoarthritis. A total of 63 people have undergone knee replacement surgery at Bangplee Hospital. Therefore, it has been necessary to study the quality of life of the elderly patients after undergoing knee replacement surgery at Bangplee Hospital in Samut Prakan Province so that guidelines could be established for caring for the elderly after knee replacement surgery.

Objective:  To study the quality of life of elderly people after total knee replacement surgery at Bangplee Hospital in Samut Prakan Province, as well as to predict the factors affecting their quality of life.

Materials and methods: This was a cross-sectional survey. The samples were 100 people aged 60 who had undergone total knee replacement surgery and these were selected as the total population. The data was collected through the interview and quality of life questionnaire between 1st-31st December 2018. The data was analyzed by using Pearson’s correlation coefficient and Stepwise-Multiple Regression analysis.

Results: The results showed that 66% of the elderly had experienced a high level of quality of life, followed by 34% with a moderate level. The factors predicting quality of life with a level of statistical significance (p < 0.05) included the following: their abilities for self-care, their home environments, and social support. These three factors could be used as correlating factors in order to predict the quality of life for elderly people after total knee replacement surgery as correctly as 31.3%

Conclusion: Therefore, the recommendations from this study have indicated that the Healthcare Officers for elderly people in the Bangplee District of Samut Prakan Province should promote the development of self-care abilities. Furthermore, they should make suggestions for the patients’ home environments so that the interiors can be equipped with various handrails to support the patients when standing or walking. In order to receive social support, home healthcare teams should be established to give advice on how to prevent complications. Finally, after total knee replacement surgery, these recommendations could lead to an improved quality of life for these elderly people.


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