Effectiveness of Prong Fah Spay for smoking cessation among smokers

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Thansinee Prompradit*
Juntima Nawamawat*
Nalinee Kerdprasong*
Wannee Jeiwseubpong*
Siriyaporn Jensariga*


Background: Cigarette smoking is a cause of premature deaths and endure suffering from chronic illnesses. Thailand launched smoking cessation campaign for decrease cigarette smoking. Unfortunate it took high cost if used smoking quit drug. Using herb such as Prong Fah or MurrayasiamensisCraib stills new alternative for smoking cessation among smokers

Objectives: To compare the effectiveness of using Prong FahSpray for smoking cessation among smokers.

Materials and methods: Experimental research (one group pretest - posttest design) was introduced to examine the effectiveness of Prong Fah Spray among smokers. Samples were 30 smokers that sampling from all volunteers (Fagerstromtest for nicotine dependence score more than 4). Then subjects were informed about research process, indication and adverse effects of using Prong Fah Spray for smoking cessation. We use descriptive statistic such as mean, SD and inferential statistic (paired t-test) to analyze data and determine statistic significance level at p<0.05.

Results: Among 30 smokers had average number of cigarette use per day after using Prong Fah Spray for smoking cessation less than before using Prong FahSpray (MD = 4.766, p = 0.001) . They satisfied on using Prong Fah Spray for smoking cessationand more than the old methods.

Conclusion: Use of Prong Fah Spray can be decreased numbers of cigarettes per day among smokers. It was easy and ready to use when necessary so it should be had opportunities for beneficial business.


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