To Follow Thai Wisdom towards The New Generation: Thai Wisdom in Caring for Postpartum Mothers’ Health

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Chanthramas Saowaros


Thai wisdom arises from knowledge in all aspects that have passed the process of succession, and the selection of ancestors.  This wisdom has been appropriately used to solve problems and improve the lives of Thai people.  Being aware of its importance, Phrapokklao College of Nursing, Chanthaburi, has promoted the development of nursing students by integrating Thai wisdom to cultivate knowledge and increase the students’ skills in applying basic Thai wisdom to appropriately care for postpartum mothers.  The wisdom that has been integrated into teaching and learning includes lying by the fire after birth, and undergoing a herbal compress massage. These are a combination of traditional health care with modern medicine, which is not only physical care but also takes the form of mental care from the family’s participation. Complicated methods of care are a continuation of Thai wisdom to new generations from the context of a changing society. Therefore, Thai wisdom should be maintained in the nursing curriculum by adding elements of Thai wisdom both in theory and in clinical practice.  These contents will be useful for students in building their knowledge to be used to appropriately support and harmoniously care for postpartum mothers and their families with diverse cultures.  This application will lead to the cultivation of Thai wisdom through the future. 


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