Critical Analysis Report: Effectiveness of Glaucoma Drainage Device Implant Surgery in Glaucoma Patients Treated in Ratchaburi Hospital

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Supaporn Trakanwitthayarak


          The objective of this academic paper is to analyze and report the treatment results in terms of both the efficacy and safety of glaucoma drainage device implant surgery. To reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients and to analyze the problems and obstacles in the operation. In this example, the surgery for glaucoma patients was done by inserting a glaucoma drainage device implant directly in the eyes in Ratchaburi Hospital. It was found that choosing the right glaucoma patients, the treatment involves surgical insertion of a glaucoma drainage device implant into the eyes and having good control of intraocular pressure. This surgery reduces the use of eyedrops to decrease intraocular pressure and reduces complications from eyedrops. In the operation, there are some problems and obstacles that can lead to continuous development in the future.

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