Shift Work and Cardiovascular Disease

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Sawanee Srijaroentham
Soontorn Supapong


Shift work is work that takes place on a schedule outside the traditional 8 AM - 6 PM. This is a way of life that is different from day workers. In a study undertaken over 20 years found that shift work was associated with cardiovascular disease but the evidences were not really clear. There are different of definition of shift work and confounding factors in each study. The collected data found that shift work was associated with cardiovascular risk such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. And found that rotating night shift work associated with ischemic heart disease the most. While that is associated with stroke is relatively small. However, the studies on the relationship between shift work and stroke were not much. This article is therefore to collect data from many studies. To conclude the definition of shift work, relationship of shift work and cardiovascular disease and associated factors. Aims to define a corresponding of shift work and find some gap of knowledge for further researches.



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Srijaroentham, S., & Supapong, S. (2018). Shift Work and Cardiovascular Disease. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 41(3), 100–108.
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