RMJ welcomes submissions in both English and Thai across a range of article types. Here are the categories of content accepted for publication:

1) Original ArticlesThese are academic works in medical science, clinical practice, and public health derived from rigorous research processes. This category also encompasses findings from routine medical activities elevated to research insights, referred to as "Routine to Research" or R2R.

2) Review Articles:  This article synthesizes and discusses key knowledge on significant and captivating medical topics, offering a comprehensive overview of current medical science and public health understandings.

3) Special Articles:  This article type is typically authored by experts or members of the editorial board as invited contributions. However, it can also be submitted by individuals with significant insights to address specific issues or present valuable ideas in medical science and public health without being formally invited.

4) Case Reports Focused on detailed case studies of patient(s) with unique or rare diseases or medical conditions, these reports aim to share novel findings and clinical experiences that contribute to the broader medical knowledge base.

5) Letters to the Editor This section allows readers to contribute by submitting their ideas, highlighting interesting points, and offering suggestions that could benefit the medical community, further enriching the conversation in medical science and public health.