The Ramathibodi Medical Journal (RMJ) requires authors to transfer copyright upon article acceptance, granting the journal exclusive rights to publish, distribute, and sell the content worldwide in any form. Authors must ensure they have the right to use any copyrighted material within their submissions and confirm that their work is original, does not infringe on any rights, and adheres to ethical standards. Any legal liabilities arising from copyright breaches or inaccuracies in the manuscript fall on the author(s), who must also indemnify the RMJ against related costs. The journal's editorial team is absolved of legal responsibility for any issues in the published content, including errors or copyright infringement.


To publish copyrighted material in any format, authors must secure permissions and potentially make payments to rights holders facilitated through agencies like DACS, ARS, and similar licensing agencies. Documentation of these permissions must be submitted to the editors, and required acknowledgments must be included. RMJ content is freely accessible under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, allowing reading, downloading, copying, and distribution. For commercial use or other exceptions, contact RMJ's editorial office at for more details.