Efficacy of RAMA Mobile Video Laryngoscope (RAMA-mVL) for Tracheal Intubation in Manikin: A Randomized Study

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Panvilai Tangkulpanich
Natsinee Athinartrattanapong
Porawin Ussawapitanon
Phanorn Chalermdamrichai
Jarupol Tuangsirisup


Background: Video laryngoscope (VL) is a tool that has increased the intubation success rate, but it is expensive and difficult to carry outside the hospital. Ramathibodi mobile Video laryngoscope (RAMA-mVL) thus was invented for having effectiveness equivalent to the current device and lower price.

Objective: To determine the effectiveness of intubation by comparing between RAMA-mVL and McGrath®.

Methods: This study conducted a randomized, single-blinded study in manikin comparing RAMA-mVL and McGrath®. Medical personnel with intubation experiences were included and will be trained in 2 devices before performing the procedures. Intubation success rate, time to intubation, satisfaction, and the cost between both VLs were compared.

Results: A total of 208 persons were enrolled in the research, 104 in each group. The first pass succession rate for intubation by using both VLs is 100%. Time to intubation using RAMA-mVL was significantly less than that of McGrath® (mean [SD], 9.12 [4.28] and 11.19 [5.04] seconds, respectively; P = .002). The 5-point Likert scale in satisfaction rate on the easy to build in RAMA-mVL and McGrath® were mean (SD) of 4.88 (0.32) and 4.23 (0.96) points respectively (95% CI, 0.46 - 0.85; P < .001). Additionally, the cost of RAMA-mVL was cheaper than McGrath®.

Conclusions: The first pass intubation success rate in a manikin of RAMA-mVL is equivalent to McGrath®. The cost of RAMA-mVL is cheaper.


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Tangkulpanich, P., Athinartrattanapong, N., Ussawapitanon, P., Chalermdamrichai, P., & Tuangsirisup, J. (2021). Efficacy of RAMA Mobile Video Laryngoscope (RAMA-mVL) for Tracheal Intubation in Manikin: A Randomized Study. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 44(4), 13–20. https://doi.org/10.33165/rmj.2021.44.4.249901
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