Rama Co-RADS: Categorical Assessment Scheme of Chest Radiographic Findings for Diagnosing Pneumonia in Patients With Confirmed COVID-19

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Thitiporn Suwatanapongched
Chayanin Nitiwarangkul
Warawut Sukkasem
Sith Phongkitkarun


Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 during the third wave of infection in Thailand, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has increased exponentially since April 2021. As a result, the country’s healthcare facilities and personnel are overwhelmed. Hence, many new intervention strategies have been designed and implemented. In such a resource-constrained condition, multiple alternate care sites, such as converted hotels (the so-called hospitels) and mobile field medical units, have been established for quarantine and taking care of confirmed COVID-19 cases having no or mild symptoms. In this context, it is essential to have clinical and chest radiographic assessment as a baseline screening for an accurate and rapid triage of patients and early detection of COVID-19 pneumonia, which significantly impacts patient outcomes. Therefore, a clear, concise and standardized chest radiographic report is mandatory. To facilitate this process, the authors have introduced Rama Co-RADS for the categorical assessment scheme of pulmonary involvement in COVID-19. After the pilot implementation of Rama Co-RADS in the routine radiology workflow for chest radiography screening in patients with confirmed COVID-19 at the Ramathibodi Hospitels, there is a 24% reduction in the median turnaround radiology reporting time. It also enhances the radiologist’s performance in establishing the diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia (especially in the early phase). Furthermore, the categorical assessment scheme in Rama Co-RADS facilitates communication among healthcare personnel, guiding effective management, triage, consultation and treatment of patients with confirmed COVID-19.


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Suwatanapongched, T., Nitiwarangkul, C. ., Sukkasem, W., & Phongkitkarun, S. (2021). Rama Co-RADS: Categorical Assessment Scheme of Chest Radiographic Findings for Diagnosing Pneumonia in Patients With Confirmed COVID-19. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 44(2), 50–62. https://doi.org/10.33165/rmj.2021.44.2.251259
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