The Results After Reconstruction of Penile Paraffinoma

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Sappaya Suppanuntaroek
Wit Viseshsindh


Background: Penile paraffinoma is penile girth augmentation by dermal grafts or by fat injections. Paraffin injection is one of the options that are used to enlarge men penis with consequences in infection and painful erection. The number of patients seeking penile contour improvement is constantly increasing. Nowadays treatment and after treatment are still lack of data. Patients who suffer from paraffinoma must understand and receive proper treatment.
Objective: To understand and to collect data for the purpose of knowledge and patients informations.
Methods: This case reviewed study was a retrospective review which include 58 patients who had paraffinoma performed and repaired. The primary outcome was postoperative recovery time of sexual function. Where as the secondary outcome was postoperative complication of one stage repaired compared with two stages repaired. The tertiary outcome was duration of hospital stay.
Results: There were 6 out of 58 patients who were dropped out from the study because of lost follow-up. Twenty four patients performed two stages repaired and the other 28 patients performed one stage repaired. Common finding symptoms were pain in 25 (48%) patients and deformity in 24 (46%) patients. 70% of them could preserve sexual function. One stage repairmen incurred shorter time than two stages repaired. Postoperative complications were evaluated with presenting symptoms such as postoperative pain, deformity, wound dehiscence, wound infection, and re-operation. But there were no statistical significant postoperative complication between both techniques.
Conclusions: Most of the men are 30 to 50 years old and have history of alcohol drinking. One stage repairment incurred shorter time than two stages repair. There were no statistically significant differences in postoperative complications between both techniques. Patients who performed one stage repairmen could resume full sexual function within 4 months and 9 months for two stages repairment.

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