The Pedagogical Program Development Fostering Creative Thinking Skill in Independent Study Subject

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Penphan Pitaksongkram
Laiad Jamjan


This research and development study aimed to 1) develop a pedagogical program to foster creative thinking skill in an Independent Study subject, and 2) evaluate the effectiveness of the program. The development process included 4 steps, as follows, step 1: to study and survey fundamental information, step 2: to develop and assess the effectiveness of the program, step 3: to test and evaluate the program, and step 4: to revise the program. The samples for step 1 consisted of 157 sophomore students at Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Chon-Buri in academic year 2018 and step 3 consisted of 86 sophomore students at Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Chon-Buri in academic year 2019 by using purposive sampling. The instruments consisted of the creative thinking development learning program in the Independent Study subject, the creative thinking questionnaire (reliability, r=.79) and satisfaction questionnaire (reliability, r=.84). The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation) and paired t-tests. The results of this study revealed the following. 1) The pedagogical development program to foster creative thinking skill in the Independent Study subject included 5 activities in 15 hours. 2) The efficiency of development of the program in the Independent Study subject was at 80.08/82.30, which was close to the set criteria (80/80). 3) The average score for creative thinking of the students was significantly different between before and after implementation of the pro­gram (p<.05). 4) The students satisfaction toward the program was at a high level ( X =4.07, SD=.17). Therefore, the newly developed program was able to improve the effectiveness of creative thinking of students. It should be applied to other student groups in other subjects.


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