Quality of Life of the Elderly Living in Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province

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Monrudee Petlamul
Nitikul Boonkaew


According to the changing situation of the increasing proportion of the elderly in the population, the government has a policy to provide care, solve problems, and promote the elderly to have a good quality of life. This research study aims to study the quality of life of a sample of 429 elderly in the district of Thanyaburi Pathumthani Province. Data were collected using the World Health Organization Quality of Life for Older Persons (WHOQOL-OLD) questionnaire. The tool was translated by language experts. Content validity was checked by experts and the reliability was tested with the sample alike yielding a coefficient of .86. The questionnaire consisted of 6 parts: 1) sensory abilities, 2) autonomy, 3) past, present, and future activities, 4) social participation, 5) death and dying, and 6) intimacy. The research results revealed that the quality of life of the elderly was at a good level, with an average score of 94.11. The scores on each part were at a high level. Based on the research results, knowledge should be given regarding health care for the elderly. Promoting activities to create jobs and thus to generate income can improve the quality of life of the elderly. A survey should be furtherly conducted in the socially different elderly groups in order to obtain more information to solve problems appropriately for the particular group.


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