Development Model of Emergency Medical Service for the Older People with Hip Facture

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Nikorn Janpilom
Lak Chutitharamanan


This research and development study aimed to 1) investigate the current situations and conditions, problems, and needs of emergency medical services for the elderly with hip fractures, 2) develop the model of emergency medical services for the elderly with hip fractures, and 3) evaluate the results of using the model. The sample consisted of 60 emergency physicians and 19 specially selected older people with hip fractures. The instruments used for data collection were 1) paramedic self-efficacy program records, 2) paramedic skills assessment in emergency rooms, and 3) satisfaction with paramedic services questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and paired t-tests. The results showed that the forms of emergency medical care for the elderly with hip fractures in Phrae consisted of 1) emergency medical care through self-efficacy programs, 2) the emergency medical care fact sheet for the elderly with hip fractures to participate in the Hip Fracture Fast Track, and 3) the proper use of casts. It was found that after using the model the emergency responders were better than the previous ones in every aspect. The mean scores of emergency medical workers' knowledge and attitudes were statistically significant at the p <.001 level. A total mean score  of satisfaction with the model of the clients was at a very high level (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.92, SD =.27). The study suggests that there should be a program for training of emergency medical volunteers to improve their competency in emergency medical services. The model should be further implemented in other groups of emergency medical services to reduce the loss of organs and patients' lives before they reach the hospital.


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