Overweight and Obesity during Pregnancy: Challenges for Midwifes Overweight and Obesity during Pregnancy: Challenges for Midwifes

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Sureepron Sripoun


The prevalence of overweight and obesity in pregnant women tends to increase and this leads to complications during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum periods, which are related to maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality including long term effects on neonatal health. While the health care  system provides care to overweight and obese pregnant women to prevent complications during pregnancy, it has not been successful because the perception of obesity among pregnant women is that it is not dangerous. In addition, the knowledge of midwives and the guidelines for the care of obese pregnant women  still limited and need to be further developed. The challenge for the maternal and child health care system is to design health services for overweight and obese pregnant women. Currently, empirical evidence is being developed as a guideline for overweight and obese pregnant women from pre-pregnancy until the postpartum period to reduce maternal and neonatal complications and promote women’s health by focusing on changing health behavior.


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