Factors Associated with Health Promoting Behaviors among Registered Nurses in a Hospital in the Lower Northern Region

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Khanittha Mekaroonkamol


This cross-sectional study aimed to assess health-promoting behavior and to explore factors associated with health-promoting behavior among registered nurses in a hospital in the lower northern region. A sample of 310 registered nurses was recruited through stratified random sampling. Data were collected using a self-administrated questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Spearman Rank correlation coefficient, and Eta correlation. The results revealed that the average score for health-promoting behavior was categorized at a moderate level (Mean=2.72, SD=.37). Age (rs=.16) was significantly positive related to health-promoting behavior, and marital status ( =.19) was significantly related to health-promoting behavior (p<.05). In addition, for intrinsic factors, it was found that self-efficacy on health promotion practice (rs=.58) and perceived benefits on health promotion practice (rs=.34) had significant positive relationships with health-promoting behavior, while perceived barriers on health promotion practice (rs=-.32) and stress (rs=-.32) had significant negative relationships with health-promoting behavior. When considering extrinsic factors, it was found that the work department ( =.32) had a significant relationship with health-promoting behavior (p<.05). This study recommends that the organization should consider  age, marital status, and working department when developing projects and activities to promote health promotion activities. Moreover, several recreational activities and attractive exercise equipment should be provided to relieve stress. Promotion of self-efficacy and health-promoting awareness should be implemented.


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