Assessment and Analysis of the Causes of Noise Levels for Working in the Maintenance and Inspection Services of One Petroleum Pipeline in Songkhla


  • Pawina Kangkamanee Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Thaksin University
  • Thitima Na songkhla Thaksin University
  • Wanpen Tongsuk Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Thaksin University


Sound intensity level, hearing loss, fishbone diagram


This research is a survey research to assess the sound intensity level in the workplace of maintenance and inspection services of petroleum pipeline, to analyze sounds exposure of workers and the causes of noise levels and the prevention of hearing losses by using a fishbone diagram. The result showed that the average of sound intensity level in the workplace and sound exposure of workers is higher than the standard exposure to noise level. (Not more than 85 dB(A)). The overall prevention knowledge of hazard and hearing loss from loud noise was very good. However, workers still lack knowledge regarding noise affecting other parts of their health and wearing protective equipment. Their overall behavior was good but there is still behavior that should be improved or developed. It was preventing or reducing exposure to loud noises after-hour work. The results revealed that the main causes of sound intensity level in the workplace that affect hearing loss were 1) worker errors 2) method errors 3) management errors and 4) machine or equipment errors. Therefore, the company should consider improving the working methods or processes that were the sources of noise, maintaining sound volume, having short, quiet breaks, reviewing and providing additional training to help reduce hearing losses of workers effectively.


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