Publication ethics of Health Science Journal of Thailand (Health Sci J Thai)

                Health Science Journal of Thailand. disseminates original articles and review articles in the fields of health science including medicine, nursing, health professions, and multidisciplinary related to health science.

               The journal publishes Published 4 time a year Issue 1 (January - March)
Issue 2 (April - June) Issue 3 (July - September) Issue 4 (October - December). All submitted research articles and review articles will be evaluated by a double peer-review process and reviewed by 3 experts who have knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of health science prior to publication. The journal encloses the information of authors and reviewers. In case of a difference of evaluation, the article evaluation will be considered and given a final decision.

          Health Science Journal of Thailand establishes the roles and duties for three different groups in the process of article publication: author(s), editor, and reviewers. The following information is given to the three groups of people so that they will strictly abide by its benefits of those concerns, including readers and others in academia.

Roles and duties of the author(s)

  1. Author(s) must report the occurred facts without distorting or giving any false information.
  2. Author(s) must guarantee that the work submitted is original and never published elsewhere or in process of another publication waiting list.
  3. Author(s) must acknowledge all of the authors’ work and demonstrate this in the references section.
  4. Author(s) must name another co-author (s) if the latter also take part in conducting the work.
  5. Author(s) must guarantee that the work has no plagiarism in terms of messages, illustrations, and any tables when submitting for publication.
  6. Author(s) must indicate the sources of the granted research fund. (If any)
  7. Author(s) must identify the conflict of interest. (If any)

 Roles and duties of the editor

  1. The editor is responsible for verifying the quality of the presented articles to be published in the journal.
  2. The editor must not reveal any information of the author(s) and reviewers to any unrelated persons.
  3. The editor will select the articles after the evaluating process has been completed by taking the importance, novelty, and clarity in association with the contents and policies of the journal into consideration.
  4. The editor must not publish or accept articles that have no supporting evidence.
  5. The editor must not have any mutual benefits with authors and reviewers.
  6. The editor must verify plagiarism in all articles. If it is found, the author(s) will be informed about this and asked for any clarification. By this, the decision on “acceptance” or “rejection” of the articles will be undertaken.

 Role and duties of reviewers

  1. Any information on the articles reviewed as well as the results of them must be kept confidential by reviewers. This must be undertaken while reviewing and after reviewing the articles.
  2. Reviewers should not have any conflict of interest with the author(s) so that the review will be transparent and independent. Should such a case occur, the reviewers must inform the editor.
  3. Reviewers should be the experts in the relevant field. The decision should be made reasonably in terms of academic knowledge and quality. Any bias must be avoided.
  4. Reviewers should verify the repetition of the articles and plagiarism. Should they occur, these must be informed to the editor.