Research of Quality of Health Service Data Development in Pattani Province in 2018 - 2019


  • Premjit Hongampai Department of Public Health Development, Pattani Provincial Public Health Office
  • Rusna Domang Professional Level, Department of Public Health Development, Pattani Provincial Public Health Office
  • Surasak Numuang สำนักงานสาธารณสุขอำเภอโคกโพธิ์ จังหวัดปัตตานี


QQuality of medical records, Primary service unit


This operation research aim to 1) to develop the quality of medical records of primary service. 2) to investigate the quality of medical records of primary service. This operational research is divided into 3 steps (1) Analyze the situation in outer patients’ medical records of primary service (2) Operate the quality of medical records development (3) Evaluate the results of medical records. Collect data with a comprehensive evaluation form and the attitude of medical records. Record form of complete medical records by the checking standard of quality of medical records, and group discussion. Information sender is an officer in primary service unit and Amphoe public health officer that take responsibilities in medical records in 3 sample Amphoe, consisting of big Amphoe, medium Amphoe, and small Amphoe. Analyze data with descriptive statistics. The result of the study finds that the quality of medical records development that uses a collaborative process from collaborative planning, the operation of plans, observation and following, and reflection of the result of following, for collaborative adjustment, causing the increase in quality of medical records. The important factor is the good attitude for medical records and primary knowledge in the standard criteria of medical records, is the basic important factor. It needs to have support system using technology assistant to investigate and friendly follow with users, to reduce time span, causing basic self-following, and following system from external for regulating the quality by the specified standard. The quality of medical records after development finds that small Amphoe has medical records quality at 97.31 percent. Then, following by medium Amphoe at 90.10 percent, and big Amphoe at 85.56 percent.


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