Effectiveness of using clinical nursing practice guideline for the prevention of early postpartum hemorrhage in Phatthalung Hospital


  • Wonnee Keawkongthum Labour Room Phatthalung Hospital


Clinical nursing practice guideline, early postpartum hemorrhage


This quasi-experimental research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of using clinical nursing practice guideline for the prevention of early postpartum hemorrhage in Phatthalung Hospital. Samples were vaginal delivery mother in labour room, Phatthalung Hospital. Subjects were divided into 2 groups, 30 subjects who received usual nursing care were control group. 30 subjects who received care using the clinical nursing practice guideline were study group. The research instrument was the clinical nursing practice guideline for the prevention of early postpartum hemorrhage. The data were collected including general information, history of pregnancy, amount total blood loss per vagina, postpartum hemorrhage. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, the Fisher’s exact, Chi-Square test and Mann-Whitney U test. The results showed that the mean rank of amount total blood loss per vagina among study group was significantly lower than control group (Mean ranked = 15.62 and 45.38, p<.05). In addition, the proportion of early postpartum hemorrhage among study group was lower than control group (0 and 7 cases, p<.05). The results suggested that clinical nursing practice guideline for the prevention of early postpartum hemorrhage should be used in Phatthalung Hospital and other hospitals in order to reduce the early postpartum hemorrhage.


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