Traditional Massage in Postpartum Care of Mueang District,Yala Province

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Faisol Mahama
Anita Niwae


This objective of this qualitative research was to gather the knowledge about the traditional massage in postpartum care. Data were collected from 2 groups by 2 midwives and 3 postpartum by using in-depth interviews and non-participation observations. The data was analyzed by content analysis and validated by triangulation technique from April 1 to June 31, 2020. The results showed that midwives had inherited knowledge from family members and had not transferred it to anyone. Both of them had massaged the patients during the postpartum period for at least 1 day for 3 days in a row. The steps of massage consist of 1. Before the massage, there is a history taking and physical examination, 2. There are 3 types of massage, 1) body massage, the first massages from the bottom up to the upper part but the second massages from the top to the bottom. 2) breast massage and  3) uterine lift massage. And then to practice the advice after the massage, including eating ginger and nutgall and abstain from bad food, cold, sour, and sweet foods for at least 100 days. From the study, it found that the massage postures that are at risk of injury, such as stepping on the genitals should be improved to make it more secureand can be used to integrate with the current care plan.

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Mahama F, Niwae A. Traditional Massage in Postpartum Care of Mueang District,Yala Province. Health Sci J Thai [Internet]. 2022 Jun. 6 [cited 2024 Apr. 25];4(2):57-66. Available from:
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