Antioxidant Activities of Perennial Plant Extracts for Preventing Skin Infection of the Elderly, Pathum Thani Province


  • Juntarat Jaricksakulchai Faculty of Public Health, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage
  • Ratthapol Silaparassamee Faculty of Public Health, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage



Antioxidant activity, Skin Infections, Elderly


This research studied the antioxidant activity of perennial plant extracts for preventing skin infection in the elderly, Pathum Thani province. The purposes of this research were to study antioxidant activity from plant extracts, to develop products that are effective to prevent on skin infection in the elderly, to study irritation in volunteers, and to study the efficacy of the products from a perennial plant extract which is the quasi-experimental research model. In the research methodology, the leaves and pods of the Ratchaphruek tree were extracted substances from with 99% ethanol and antioxidant activity was analyzed by the DPPH method. Then, the extracts were used to develop products with good stability for studying irritation by the closed patch test method, the efficiency in increasing strength of protective barrier skin and increasing moisture of the skin. The results showed that Ratchaphruek extracts had an antioxidant activity with an IC50 value of 165.69 µg/ml. The researcher has developed a formula at various concentrations and testing for stability, it was found that all 4 formula were smooth opaque white, odorless, had viscosity, and the pH was stable both room temperature conditions and under accelerated conditions and both exposed to light and without exposure, from 30 volunteers aged 60 years and over. All 4 formulas haven’t found irritation. When using the product for 4 weeks, all formulas are effective in increasing the strength of protective barrier.


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