The Effect of Cell Sheet Engineering for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration in Clinical Studies: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


  • Esthera Prateeptongkum, DDS., Dip.,


Periodontal treatment, Cell sheet engineering, Osseous defect, Meta-analysis


Background : The ultimate goal of periodontal treatment is the regeneration of damaged periodontal tissue. Currently, cell sheets with “Cell Sheet Engineering Technology” were created for the alternative periodontal tissue regeneration. According to the easy fabrication and manipulation, the use of cell sheet technique offers more interesting in clinical setting.

Objective : To quantitatively find out the effect of cell sheet technique for periodontal tissue regeneration in human.

Methods : PubMed database was systematically searched for related articles, together with searching in Google scholar. They were all filtered for articles in English or Thai from 1990 to 2019.

Results : Four articles, which are randomized control trials, clinical trials, and case series were accepted and extracted for meta-analysis. Data was calculated for weighted mean difference (WMD) at 95% CI and random effect model was used. The results showed that the cell sheet technique approach had positive results on clinical attachment level (WMD = -3.080 (95% CI -4.697 - (-1.464), p=0.000), probing depth (WMD = -4.545 (95% CI -5.621 – (-3.468), p=0.000), and bony defect depth (WMD = -4.020 (95% CI -4.873 – (-3.167), p=0.009). However, the data was high heterogeneity (I2=92.0%, I2=88.0%, and I2=74.0%).

Conclusion : The result evidences suggest that the novel cell sheet technique benefits on periodontal regeneration. However, as less clinical trials and possible the risk of bias problems, the further higher quality researches are still required to prove the effectiveness of cell sheet engineering for periodontal tissue regeneration in clinical applications in the future.


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