Effectiveness of clinical chemistry laboratory report via autoverification system in Lop Buri Cancer Hospital


  • Aungkana Kumfong B.Sc. Lopburi Cancer Hospital
  • Pawamai Taecheusai B.Sc. Lop buri cancer hospital
  • Ittirit Kumfong B.Sc. Lopburi Cancer Hospital


Laboratory Information System (LIS), Autoverification system (AV system), Manual verification system (MV system), Keywords: Laboratory Information System (LIS), Autoverification system (AV system), Manual verification system (MV system), Autoverification passing rate (AV passing rate)


Background: Currently, laboratory information system (LIS) plays an important role in a process. It helps to obtain  accuracy and complete information, also convenient and fast. In addition, the system reduces workload in medical laboratory.Objectives:  To compare a length of time reporting the results obtained from a manual verification system (MV system) and autoverification system (AV system) in the clinical chemistry laboratory and to evaluate a autoverification (AV) passing rate. Methods: This research was analytical studies and data from control groups were collected from 1st July 2020 to 31st August 2020 using the MV system to reports the results. While, data collection of experimental groups were conducted between 1st September 2020 and 31st October 2020 using the AV system with a condition of automatic reporting for LIS within the experimental group.  Independent t-test or Mann-Whitney U test were applied to analyze the reporting period results, whereas a percentage descriptive statistics was performed to evaluate the AV passing rate.Results: A total of 8,203 patients (63,701 test items) consisted of orders from MV system 4,272 patients (34,280 test items) and AV systems 3,931 patients (29,421 test items). It found that median of reporting times by the test orders obtained from the MV were statistically significant difference at p-value <0.001 when compared with the test orders from AV systems. Also, the test items themselves showed statistically significant difference at p-value <0.001, excluding  LDH with p-value = 0.663. In term of  reporting rate study using AV system, the AV passing rate of test orders was 41.90% and the rates of most test items were surplus 70%, except LDH and MG (with the rates of 68.42% and 61.29% respectively).Conclusions: A development of laboratory information system in clinical chemistry laboratory at Lopburi Cancer Hospital in order to improve the automatical reporting shortened reporting time and reduced workloads from laboratory staff decently. 


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