Dental Arch Width in Thai Population at Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital


  • Pannamas Santadusit D.D.S., MDSc. กลุ่มงานทันตกรรม โรงพยาบาลนพรัตนราชธานี
  • Busaba Supawattanabodee, Ph.D., B.Sc. ภาควิชาวิทยาการวิจัยและนวัตกรรมทางการแพทย์ คณะแพทยศาสตร์ วชิรพยาบาล


Dental arch width, Intercanine width, Intermolar width, Forensics dentistry


Background : Dental arch width, intercanine width and intermolar width are Important factors for diagnosis and treatment planning in Orthodontics including planning for the stable result in the retention period. These value are also vary to sex and ethic.

Objective : To find the mean value of dental arch width and to compare if there is sex difference with respect to dental arch widths both maxilla and mandible.

Methods : The dental cast of 85 Thai patients (45 females and 40 males) with the mean age of 14.6 years (10-25 years) in the permanent dentition attending the dental department of Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital, Bangkok, were studied. All subjects were Thais with no history of orthodontic treatment. A digital veneer caliper (Mitutoya) was used to measure the intercanine width (ICW) and intermolar width (IMW) on each dental cast. The mean value of dental arch width between both sex were compared by using independent t-test.

Results : Intercanine width in maxillary arch for male and female was 35.42 ± 2.34 mm. and 35.54 ± 2.48 mm. respectively. Intermolar width in maxillary arch for male and female was 51.90 ± 4.46 mm. and 52.57 ± 2.95 mm. respectively. Intercanine width in mandibular arch for male and female was 27.08 ± 1.96 mm. and 27.24 ± 2.26 mm. respectively. Intermolar width in mandibular arch for male and female was 45.02 ± 3.28 mm. and 44.67 ± 2.88 mm. respectively. Male showed the slightly larger intermolar arch width in the mandible . Female showed slightly larger intermolar arch width in the maxilla and slightly larger intercanine arch width in both maxilla and mandible.

Conclusion : There was no statistically significant difference between male and female with respect to intercanine and intermolar arch width.


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