Effectiveness and Safety Evaluation of Medical Cannabis in Parkinson’s disease in Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital


  • Sasitorn Sirimaharaj, M.D. โรงพยาบาลประสาทเชียงใหม่
  • Waewwan Kongmee, M.D. โรงพยาบาลประสาทเชียงใหม่
  • Chaweewan Sangsawang, M.N.S. โรงพยาบาลประสาทเชียงใหม่
  • Adisorn Threetipayarak, Pharm.D โรงพยาบาลประสาทเชียงใหม่
  • Nittaya Krajangkaew, B.N.S. โรงพยาบาลประสาทเชียงใหม่
  • Patttaraporn Thammapok, B.Sc โรงพยาบาลประสาทเชียงใหม่


Medical cannabis, Parkinson patient, Safety


Background : Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one of the chronic disorders due to degeneration of a nervous system. Recent medical treatments are unable to cure or prevent progression. To alleviate the symptoms, there are needs to find efficient medications.

Objective : This study aimed to evaluate efficacy and safety of medical cannabis extract as part of treatment for patients with PD.

Methods : This was an open label study comparing 12 individuals’ conditions before and after administration of medical cannabis. The follow-up visits were appointed at the end of 1st, 3rd and 6th months after the first administration. The collected information included records of any adverse effects, Unified Parkinson’s Rating Scale Disease (UPDRS), The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), Stress Test, Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9) and Self-Rating Anxiety Scale (SAS).

Result : 8 of 12 participants (66.7%) were male with overall average age of 60.3 years and average duration after onset was 7.5 years. Participants were in stage 2 (41.7%) or 3 (58.3%). The dose was between two and five drops daily. After six months, there were statistically significant differences (p<0.05) of symptoms and severity of PD, level of stress, and quality of sleep between baseline and six-month assessments. The reported adverse effects included dry throat (16.7%), depression (8.3%), and dizziness (8.3%).

Conclusion : The administration of cannabis in elderly participants described in this study was safe with minor adverse effects and tended to reduce symptoms and severity of PD, level of stress and improve quality of sleep.


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