Cost Per Admission Day of Intermediate Care and Outcomes of Intermediate Phase Rehabilitation (Intermediate Care Bed) in Thabo Crown Prince Hospital


  • Thapanun Mahisanun Thabo Crown Prince Hospital


Intermediate care, Cost, Rehabilitation outcome, Functional gain


Background: The intermediate care is rehabilitation care for patients with neurological diseases who have passed the critical stage, but there are still physical limitations in daily life. In community hospitals and small general hospitals, there are restrictions on opening intermediate care wards. Therefore, intermediate care bed model was developed to providing at least 2 beds in each location. Objective: To study costs per admission day of intermediate care bed and outcomes of intermediate phase rehabilitation. Method: There was retrospective study of intermediate care bed patients with rehabilitation at Thabo Crown Prince Hospital during October 2020 – October 2022. Direct cost of health care provider perspective, Barthel index (BI) at admission and discharge were extracted from medical records. Functional gain and rehabilitation efficiency were calculated. Result: There were 67 eligible patients included in this study; 42 males, aged average 58.22 years. Average length of stay was 5.28 days. The full internal cost of intermediate care was 1,391,378.84 baht and 3,930.45 baht per admission day.BI average at admission was 9.21gif.latex?\pm5.46 and BI average at discharge was 12.88gif.latex?\pm4.50. At discharge, BI increased gain was significantly (p < .001) mean functional gain was 3.70gif.latex?\pm2.58. The functional, and mean rehabilitation efficiency was 0.67gif.latex?\pm0.48. Conclusion: The full internal direct cost of intermediate care was 3,930.45 baht per admission day. The highest cost was labor cost. Intermediate phase patients received rehabilitation improvement in functional score.


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