Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depression in the Elderly: A Systematic Review


  • Rangsima Thipprakmas Rasi Salai Hospital, Si Sa Ket Province


Geriatric depression, Social factors in depression, Physical factors


Background - Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses around the world, and has significant negative effects on well-being and physical health. The elderly, who have high levels of risk factors including physical disease, isolation and lack of social support, may be particularly affected. Depression in the elderly is often ignored or overlooked.
Aim – To investigate the prevalence and factors associated with depression in the elderly around the world and in Thailand, including sociodemographic, economic, social, and physical health factors.
Methods – A systematic review of recent literature and data (2015-present) was conducted. Data was collected from academic sources and global health data, including World Health Organization data. A qualitative review technique is used to examine these findings.
Results/Findings – The review identified several key factors in depression in the elderly, including sociodemographic and economic factors, family relationships, social supports, living environment, mental health, physical health condition, and overall quality of life. These factors were often co-occurring and could have cumulative impacts.
Conclusion - Depression is a significant health issue that occurs in the elderly around the world, and can have social, demographic and economic, and physical causes. Depression should not simply be accepted as a consequence of ageing.
Implications – Health care and care services for the elderly needs to consider whether patients and clients are depressed, and if so work to remedy conditions of depression as well as provide effective treatment.
Keywords – geriatric depression, social factors in depression, physical factors in depression

Author Biography

Rangsima Thipprakmas, Rasi Salai Hospital, Si Sa Ket Province

Medical Physician, Senior Professional level


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