Effects of Computer Game Media-Based Sexuality Education Program on Attitude, Norms, Perceived Behavioral Control on sexual risk behavior and Sexual Abstinence Intention in Early Adolescents

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Lawan Singhasai
Monrudee Chokprajakchad
Rutja Phuphaibul
Jumpee Granger


This quasi-experimental research aimed to investigate the effects of a computer game media-based sexuality education program on attitude,norms,and perceived behavioral control on sexual risk behavior and sexual abstinence intention in early adolescents. The sample consisted of 164 fifth-grade students. They were assigned to the experimental (n= 87) and control group (n = 77). The instruments used in this study were a computer game and questionnaires including general information, attitude, norms, and perceived
behavioral control on sexual risk behavior and sexual abstinence intention questionnaires.Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Chi-square Test, Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test,and Generalized Estimating Equations(GEE). The result of the study illustrated that after participation in the computer game media-based sexuality education program, the experimental group had a significantly higher score of perceived behavioral control on sexual risk behavior than did the control group. However, the scores of attitudes towards
sexual risk behavior,norms regarding sexual risk behavior,and sexual abstinence intention between the two groups were not significantly different. Therefore, the computer game media-based sexuality education program should be used with adolescents to promote their perceived behavioral control on sexual risk behavior.
Keywords : Early adolescents, Attitude, Norms, Perceived behavioral control, Sexual
abstinence intention


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