Development of Labor Support Scale for Intrapartum Nurse

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Srisamorn Phumonsakul
Punnapapak Suksanguan
Chantima Khanobdee


Abstract:  The purposes of this research were to generate the items from behavior indicators of labor support in order to develop Labor Support Scale for intrapartum nurse and examine the reliability and construct validity consistent with the theory. The accessible population was 123 staff nurses who work in delivery room of 6 government hospital at Bangkok Metropolitan area. The 23 items Labor Support Scale was validated the content by five experts and 22 items were remained. Data was collected by self report of Labor Support Scale. Data analysis used descriptive statistics, Exploratory Factor Analysis, and Cronbach’s alpha coefficients with a computer program. Construct validity and construct reliability were analyzed by Confirmatory Factor Analysis with LISREL program. The result showed that 20 items were extracted for 4 factors: Physical support, emotional support, advocacy support, and information/advice support. Each dimension has acceptable Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for internal consistency and all items of the scale provide a high level of Cronbach’s alpha. The Second Order Confirmatory Factor analysis supported the construct validity of the measurement model of Labor Support Scale and fitted nicely to the empirical data. All factor loadings were statistical significance. The most important support behavior was to inform about medical treatment planning and nursing care plan followed by act as representative to ask and find out information regarding the doubted treatment. The construct reliability was in the medium to high level. This Labor Support Scale could be modified to assess nurse’s labor support behavior practice and perceived labor support from nurse for the laboring women in further study.


Key words:  Labor support, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Construct validity, Construct reliability

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