The Lived Experiences of Diabetic Older Persons with Good Quality of Life

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Winthanyou Bunthan
Tassana Choowattanapakorn


This research aimed to investigate life experiences of diabetic older persons who have good quality of life using qualitative inquiry of the Hideggerian Phenomenology. Key informants in this study were 21 diabetic older persons who had good quality of life. Data collection was conducted using interview, observation, and field note taking at the community. Then, the content analysis was conducted. The findings consisted of four main themes: 1) capability of diabetic control including adhering to health professionals’ advice, lifestyle and food consumption awareness, regularly visiting doctors according to the appointment, and avoidance of unhealthy beverages; 2) physicalwellness including staying strength and energy, without pain, and mobility; 3) mentalwellness consisting of ability for making merit, donation, relaxed mind, receiving good care from family, and enough sleep and; 4) feeling of self-worthiness and self-respect including self-independence and ability to earn income without being anyone’s burdens. Several issues of this study are similar to those who had good quality of life and are in the diabetes control program. However, when taking care of diabetic older persons in the Northeast of Thailand, lifestyle related to their diabetic control and quality of life in a cultural context should be considered. Moreover, their familes should provide support and encourage diabetic older persons to maintain their activities of daily living, age-appropriate works, and religious activities continuously.

Keywords: Lived experiences, Diabetic older persons, Quality of life, Qualitative study

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