The Development of Fish Hook Retractor for Free Tissue Transfer Surgery

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Natsasi Anurapan
Natthacha Chiannilkulchai


The fish hook retractor is a creating device using to clearly expose the field of tissue transfer surgery. This device can retract and differentiate the muscle layer from vessel and nerve. The tissue that used to transfer will not damage from compress and will be well prepare for tissue transfer. The main operation of free tissue transfer is revascularization of the vessel at the recipient site under microscopy. The factors influence free tissue transfer successful, including feature and position of surgeons. The field of operation is needed clearly which does not disturb and distract the surgeon's concentration. Surgery under microscopy made assistants difficult to help surgeon hold the operation field immobilization. First of all prolong operation combine with compress tissue lead to ineffective free tissue transfer. Therefore the researcher develops fish hook retractor aims to expose the operation field clearly and immobilization prevents tissue damage from compression and prolong operation. Fish hook retractor easy to develop and the length of curve appropriate for the donor site and more benefit to patients and surgeon to success in free tissue transfer operation.


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