Effectiveness index of Routine Crossmatch for Elective Caesarean Section

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Supakij Suwanrattanadech


Background: Routine crossmatching blood preparation
for elective caesarean section causes expensive waste of
resources and increases work load of blood bank staffs.
Objectives: To evaluate appropriateness and cost of
routine crossmatching blood preparation for elective
caesarean section by transfusion utilization indices.
Methods: A retrospective descriptive study was conducted
enrolling in pregnant women who underwent elective
caesarean section in year 2018.
Results: From 3rd January to 28th December 2018, 1,185
pregnant women undergoing elective caesarean section
with preoperative routine crossmatch 1 unit of PRC in
each patient. Only 8 patients (8 units) were transfused.
Transfusion utilization indices; C/T ratio, %T and Ti were
148.13, 0.68% and 0.007 respectively. Cost for routine
crossmatch was 331,800 baht but only 2,240 baht was
Conclusions: Routine crossmatching 1 unit of PRC per
case for elective caesarean section was inappropriate and
wasteful. Blood crossmatch should be replaced with type
and screen to optimized request and expenditure.

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