Anesthesia for Cannabis and Cannabis Products Users

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Suttasinee Petsakul
Suwimon Tangwiwat
Somchai Amornyotin
Nantthasorn Zinboonyahgoon
Sasikaan Nimmaanrat
Wareerat Kaikosol
Thanachporn Boonsombat
Patt Pannangpetch
Rattaphol Seangrung
Thanarat Suansanae
Sahaphume Srisuma
Ngamjit Pattaravit
Ruenreong Leelanukrom


Cannabis (marijuana) and cannabis products, derived from plants of genus Cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products in Thailand, their widespread use for both medical and recreational purposes have increase. However, the chemical compounds present in cannabis can have adverse effects on various systems of the body, including the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and immunity. These effects can lead to complications in patients using cannabis during perioperative care. The history taking in cannabis users is very important. Laboratory screening for cannabis is still inconclusive. This review aims to provide an overview of the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, potential complications, and cannabis toxicity to guide anesthetic personnel in planning and managing anesthesia in the cannabis and cannabis products users.

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