The Development of Pattern of Behavioral Health Modification among Hypertension Group by Family Participation : Damnoen Saduak Hospital in Ratchburi Province


  • นวพร วุฒิธรรม Instructor, Faculty of Nursing of Christian University of Thailand
  • พิมพ์นิภา ศรีนพคุณ Nurses,Damnoen Saduak Hospital
  • ชุติมา สีนวล Nurses,Damnoen Saduak Hospital


Hypertension patient, Family Participation, Health behavior Modification


Hypertension patients have tall tendency and cause of cardiovascular disease risk so they modified health behavior can control hypertension level. This participatory action research was to develop health behavioral modification pattern amongst hypertension group towards family participation. The 30 participants were selected by purposive and snowball sampling techniques. The instruments consisted of demographic data, health assessment, a set of open-ended questions (Matrix), observational guidelines and field notes, develop by PRECEDE framework (Green &Kreuter, 2005) All of these instruments were verified for content validity from experts. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and content analysis.

               The research results revealed that participants were going through problem analysis process, and created vision for decrease salt and decrease disease. The operation plan consist of healthy food plan, physical activity plan, relaxation plan and continuous drug using plan. The problem-solving processes were operational plan building, implement activities, and re-planning.  The evaluation of participant pattern had hypertension friends, decrease salt-decrease sodium salt, physical activity reduce from the disease, healthy food, families power, learning for health, and Buddhist healthy to decrease hypertension level and relevant to their lifestyle and context. 

The result of this study could be used as a guide for caring hypertension patient by participation and analysis problem solving for health behavioral modification in their community.


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