A Confirmation Factor Analysis of Nurturing Care Style for Child Caregivers in Child Development Centers


  • Rattana Makassawad Faculty of Nursing, Pathumthani University
  • Gridiyada Kuewong Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing


Child caregivers, Confirmatory factor analysis, Nurturing care


Nurturing care is the way to taking care of childhood to have good health includes physical, mental and intellectual health. Child caregivers must have health literacy about childhood care in order to development by aged and have proper health behaviors. The purpose of this survey study was to analyze component of caregiver’s nurturing care in chid care centers. There were 200 of child caregivers. Data were collcted using nurturing care questionnaire. Content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by 5 experts yielding the values each item ranged 0.8- 1.0 and Reliability of the questionnaire was tested by Cronbach's alpha coefficient yielding a values of .96. Data were analyzed using confirmation factor analysis. The research results and confirmatory factor analysis revealed that nurturing care of child caregivers in child care centers consisted of five main components: 1) Good health, 2) Adequate nutrition, 3) Responsive caregiving, 4) Security and safety, and 5) Opportunities for early learning. The nurturing care components of child caregivers in child care centers was fit to the empirical data (4, N=200) =3.19, p=.527, CFI=1.00, TLI=1.00, RMSEA<.001, SRMR=.009). The information obtained can be used to develop appropriate caregivers' assessment tools and design the development of a system to care for child development centers more effectively.


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