The Effectiveness of an Elderly Health Promotion Competency Enhancement Program on Elderly Health Promotion Competency Levels Among Undergraduate Nursing Students


  • Jidapa Polruk faculty of Nursing Suratthani Rajabhat University
  • Pilaiporn Sukcharoen Faculty of Nursing; Suratthani Rajabhat University


Health promotion, The competencies of elderly health promotion, Elderly, Nursing students


The number of elderly people has continued to increase, and nursing students must be ready to enhance their health. This quasi-experimental research involved just one group. All results were measured twice (before and after). The objective was to study the effectiveness of the elderly health enhancement competency program on elderly health enhancement competency levels, which is the work of undergraduate nursing students. The sample group consisted of 102 second-year nursing students. The research tools were divided into 3 parts: 1) an evaluation form for elderly health enhancement competency levels, which covered four competencies: aging’s holistic wellness promotion, empowerment of the elderly, applying evidence-based practice for the elderly, and ethical care for the elderly; 2) an elderly health enhancement competency program on elderly health enhancement competency levels by case study learning method and according to actual conditions; and 3) a focus group questionnaire. Data analysis was done using mean, standard deviation, paired t-tests, and content analysis.
The results showed that the sample group had the highest elderly health enhancement competency in terms of empowerment and quality of care (Mean = 2.41, SD = 0.35), and they performed statistically significantly better in health promotion for the elderly after participating in the program (t = 8.78, p < .01). In addition, the results from the qualitative data supports two issues, quantitatively, as follows: the ability to have elderly health enhancement competency and knowledge, and a good attitude towards the elderly.
The results of this research can be used as a guideline for nursing teachers who train undergraduate nursing students in elderly health enhancement competency.


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