Efficacy of primary topical 0.02% Mitomycin C for The Treatment of Conjunctiva - Corneal Intraepithelial Neoplasia

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Pirunrat Jiaraksuwan


BACKGROUND: The gold standard treatment for conjunctiva - corneal intraepithelial neoplasia (CCIN) is wide excision and double freeze - thaw cryotherapy. In diffuse lesions or multiple tumors, an adequately wide excision is difficult to achieve.

OBJECTIVES: To study the efficacy of primary topical 0.02% mitomycin C for the treatment of conjunctiva - corneal intraepithelial neoplasia (CCIN).

METHODS: This is an intervention with historical controlled case - series. In this study, we compared the outcomes of patients with CCIN treated with primary topical 0.02% mitomycin C (four times daily, 7 - day on and 7 - day off regimen) and historical patients treated by excision. The primary outcome was the complete resolution of CCIN.

RESULTS: Eleven patients were treated with 0.02% topical mitomycin C, and complete resolution was achieved in nine (81.8%) patients. The median time to resolution was 7.7 weeks. Two (18.2%) patients had partial resolution and recommended for surgery. There was no recurrence in complete resolution group. The mean follow - up time of 19.4 months (range 6 – 40.7 months). In the surgical group, complete resolution was achieved in 10 (100%) patients and two out of 10 patients experienced recurrence. The mean follow - up time was 28.6 months (range, 3.6 – 78.2 months). The short-term complication was punctate epithelial erosion.

CONCLUSIONS: Primary topical 0.02% mitomycin C seemed to be effective in treating CCIN.


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