Effectiveness of Health Literacy and Activity Development to Promote Quality of Life in the Elderly Based on the Principle of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Chanthaburi Province

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Nattaphat Janchai
Yoonsic Kim
Pakkarawat Sitthikoson


BACKGROUND: Thailand is becoming an aging society with more than 28% of the population due to deteriorating health. Elderly people therefore have more physical needs such as proper eating, emotional support and exercise. Most elderly people feel that their self-esteem has decreased significantly. This causes instability, irritability, and depression, resulting in increased dependency.

OBJECTIVES: This research aimed to examine the quality of life of the elderly covering all dimensions. Evaluate health intelligence. Develop activities to promote quality of life. Experiment with activities to promote the quality of life, and Evaluate activities to promote quality of life according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

METHODS: This participatory action research included qualitative research method and the development of activities allowing the elderly to participate. The experimental activities were evaluated using Health Literacy and Activity Development Program (HLaADP), while data collection tools include in-depth interviews, health literacy assessment form, satisfaction assessment form and WHOQOL quality of life assessment. Data were analyzed using paired sample t-test.

RESULTS: The findings revealed the majority of the elderly had a very good level of health knowledge (76.7%), but the disease prevention scores showed that most still had incorrect health care behaviors regarding infectious diseases at a poor level (73.3%). The health knowledge scores of the elderly after the activity was higher than health knowledge before the activity with a statistical significance of 0.05 (p<0.001), and quality of life was at a good level (23.3%). The mental health score, environment and social relationships were at 100 percent.

CONCLUSIONS: The results of the quality-of-life level after participating in the activity were at a good level than before the activity with a statistical significance of 0.05 (p<0.001) and the highest level of satisfaction of average 4.7. It is shown that Health Literacy and the development of activities to promote the quality of life of the elderly through community participation based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy is consistent with the context of the community in many ways. To enable the elderly to be sustainably self-reliant and create self-esteem for the elderly, health literacy should be promoted to improve the elderly's self-care in communicable and non-communicable diseases to develop their potential in taking care of their own health Sustainable.

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