Changes of Symptom Cluster Occurrence in Thai Woman With Cervical Cancer From Pre to Post Treatment

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Bualuang Sumdaengrit
Somchit Hanucharurnkul
Sarikapan Wilailak
Marylin J Dodd
Thavatchai Vorapongsathorn
Kanaungnit Pongthavornkamol


Purpose of this part of the longitudinal study was to examine the change of symptom cluster occurrence in Thai women from pre, during, and one month post treatment for cervical cancer. One hundred and ninety women were recruited from 4 hospitals: 1 hospital affiliated university, 2 military hospitals, and 1 hospital under the National Cancer Institute. The modified Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale and the Demographic, Disease, and Treatment Questionnaires were used to collected data at pre, during, and one month post treatment. Data were analyzed by factor analysis. Results reported that symptom cluster occurrences are different at each time of treatment. There were 3 clusters of symptom occurrence at pre treatment; emotion, response, and physical-related cancer. During treatment were gastro-intestinal symptoms, emotion, and side effects-related treatment. While there were 2 clusters of symptom occurrence at post treatment; emotion and side effects-related treatment.

These findings can be provided as evidenced base for appropriate care in Thai women with cervical cancer from pre to post treatment. Self care to relieve symptom cluster occurrence at each time of treatment is recommended for further study.


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Sumdaengrit, B., Hanucharurnkul, S., Wilailak, S., Dodd, M. J., Vorapongsathorn, T., & Pongthavornkamol, K. (2017). Changes of Symptom Cluster Occurrence in Thai Woman With Cervical Cancer From Pre to Post Treatment. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 36(3), 210–217. Retrieved from
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