Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

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Ratchainant Thammasudjarit
Anuchate Pattanateepon
Oraluck Pattanaprateep


Nowadays, healthcare data, has been recorded more in electronic formats, both structured and unstructured forms. To utilize huge and complex data, it needs skills in big data analytics. However, most medical staffs are unfamiliar with big data. This article is therefore aimed to introduce type of data analytics, machine learning, statistics, and data mining which contribute to healthcare big data analysis. The article should be useful for healthcare professionals who are new to this field.

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Thammasudjarit, R., Pattanateepon, A., & Pattanaprateep, O. (2018). Big Data Analytics in Healthcare. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 41(2), 116-123.
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