Study of Factors Associated With Missed Appointments of Patients in Adult Allergy Clinic at Ramathibodi Hospital

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Thanuchporn Kafaksom
Nichapha Dechapaphapitak
Malinee Tongdee
Supa Oncham
Umaporn Udomsubpayakul
Wannada Laisuan


Background: The incidence of missed appointment of the patients who were waiting more than 1 month was 22.0%. Therefore, this study was designed to identify factors associated with missed appointment which may lead to better system development.

Objective: To study factors that affect missed appointments.

Methods: This was a survey research using the questionnaire demonstrated factors associated with missed appointments. This study included 330 patients who had been serving from October 2016 to March 2017 in allergy clinic at Ramathibodi Hospital.

Results: Of the 330 patients, 71.5% were female, 57.0% graduated a bachelor degree, 76.7% lived in Bangkok and nearby provinces, and 37.9% used civil servant medical benefit. Among 75.5% of patients had general appointments, 24.5% had intervention appointment, 72.1% experienced missed appointments, and only 27.9% never been defaulted. Factors associated with never been defaulted appointments were degree graduation higher than bachelor degree, appointment for intervention, conveniency of commuted methods, and lesser waiting time at the hospital. While factors affecting missed appointments were error checking for dates, forgotten the dates, the good condition of the illness, remission of disease activities, still exist much of medicine, and boring with the service system of the hospital. Approximately 83.3% of patients did not use Rama Appointment, a mobile application for appointment management.

Conclusions: There are many factors associated with missed appointments which provide opportunity for quality improvement.

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Kafaksom, T., Dechapaphapitak, N., Tongdee, M., Oncham, S., Udomsubpayakul, U., & Laisuan, W. (2019). Study of Factors Associated With Missed Appointments of Patients in Adult Allergy Clinic at Ramathibodi Hospital. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 42(1), 36–42.
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