Comparison of the Glass Pipette and RAMA SP Pipette for Sperm Preparation

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Anna Wongkularb
Sarin Ammarit
Wichan Choktanasiri


Objective: To evaluate the DNA fragmentation on human sperm assessed by Ramathibodi’s SP pipette.

Methods: In this experimental study, thirty samples of freshly ejaculated human semen having a sperm density 20 million per mL or more and a percentage of motile sperm 50 percent or more were used in this study. The percentage of sperm motility was evaluated within 30 minutes after ejaculation. After semen analysis, the semen was divided into two parts, one part was kept as a control (assessed by glass pipette) and the other used for the experiment (assessed by Ramathibodi’s SP pipette).

Results: After sperm preparation, the DNA fragmentation with Ramathibodi’s SP pipette was observed to decrease from 21.1 to 9.8 while that of the control (assesses by glass pipette) decreased to 10.2.

Conclusions: Our study indicates that DNA fragmentation of human sperm by using Ramathibodi’s SP pipette is superior to that of the glass pipette.

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Wongkularb, A., Ammarit, S., & Choktanasiri, W. (2013). Comparison of the Glass Pipette and RAMA SP Pipette for Sperm Preparation. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 36(4), 264–268. Retrieved from
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