Activity for Rehabilitation and Self - Care Precision of Patients in Veterans Hospital

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Piyapath Boonsumrej
Marisa Phupinyokul
Surachai Jewcharoensakul


The purposes of the research were to develop of activity rehabilitation therapy in patients and self – care precision of patients after war injury because health and happiness for life. Populations were patients in Veterans Hospital by specific for admit since 5 years total men 34. Than selection by part illness dependent patients after physical therapy then rehabilitation program for occupation therapy. Tools were 1) Assessment for Independent Capability Functions 2) Modified Barthel Index Thai Version 3) Program for Rehabilitation 4) Nurse’s Note Documents. The data were analyzed by t – test, mean, percents and standard deviation.

Results: This research were that the development of rehabilitation therapy was at the level good. The mean of self – care significantly at the level of 0.05. The mean was after activity that good for health care.

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Boonsumrej, P., Phupinyokul, M., & Jewcharoensakul, S. (2012). Activity for Rehabilitation and Self - Care Precision of Patients in Veterans Hospital. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 35(3), 189–194. Retrieved from
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